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Handmade shoulder strap in colored rope

Are you looking for an aesthetically beautiful but also functional and comfortable shoulder bag?

Then this is the camera strap for you! Made entirely by hand in our laboratory located in Palermo, with a Very high quality climbing rope, soft and flexible but at the same time very, very resistant. Designed and created by a photographer just like you! Comfortable to wear around the neck but also twisted around the wrist. As time passes, the shoulder strap becomes increasingly soft and comfortable without losing its resistance. It is very soft and flexible to the touch. Designed to support an 80 kilo climber, these ropes guarantee excellent stability for several years after your purchase!!

What are the features of this shoulder strap?

  • LENGTHS : 90CM -100CM - 110CM - 120CM
  • Rope Color: GREEN
  • Colored Thread Color: BORDOEUX . (You can choose your favorite color for the colored thread from those available at no extra charge!)
  • Closing via two resistant metal clips applied with a special machine which guarantee a long-lasting granite seal. Then covered with a "splicing" technique with resistant waxed thread of various colors.
  • Attachment to the camera via two resistant metal rings.
  • For protection, two rubber rings are provided to be positioned between the metal ring and the camera, to protect against scratches and/or impacts.

Which cameras is it compatible with?

It is compatible with the following types of cameras: Reflex, Mirrorless, 35mm Analog, Compact Analog, Instant, Polaroid, Fuji Instax, Compact Digital.

What is included in the package?

  • 1x Shoulder strap
  • 2x Metal Rings
  • 2x Rubber protector

This product is made entirely by hand, each piece is unique and original, any small imperfections are to be considered a guarantee of craftsmanship.

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